Truly ‘Being Sattva’

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My friends Subba and Renuka Vaidyanathan have created an outstanding yoga and retreat center called BeingSattvaa in Ubud, Bali. I have conducted retreats there myself twice and it’s been fantastic in every way.

Yesterday Subba was telling me the situation there with Covid 19. Even though Bali has almost no cases, tourism has pretty much completely stopped. This has badly hurt the island where almost 80% of the economy is tourism based.

Since Beingsattvaa is making no revenue, they had a difficult decision to make regarding retaining staff or letting them go at this time. Instead of getting trapped by this dichotomy, Renuka and he decided to do something they don’t teach you at Business School: they made a determination to not let anyone go and asked each of their staff to write their own paycheck!

I found this decision so wise, brave and compassionate. So trusting. The result is that the staff is treating the property like their own. Everything is super well kept. They are aware of the economic situation and are voluntarily taking as much of a pay cut as they can. I was moved to hear about this. It seemed like an amazing example of conscious business.

Subba is an expert in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. I asked him what advice the Yoga Sutras have for the present times. He said it would have to be the most oft repeated phrase of the sutras: Ishwara Pranidhana. Which roughly translates to surrender to the larger intelligence of life. I could see that he is doing this so beautifully. Instead of worrying about his business, he using this time to serve others with his knowledge through online meditation classes and other creative initiatives.

I felt like sharing this as it moved me. Next time you are planning on going to Bali, be sure to check out BeingSattvaa – one of the finest eco-tourism resorts in the island.

May all of us learn something from this example and lead with compassion, trust and vision. All will turn out for the best.

– Nithya Shanti [Link]

It is our small good fortune that we know the couple and the spiritual teacher who posted the above story.

The husband-wife team of Subba and Renuka, the promoters of ‘Being Sattva’ a holistic resort in Bali, live in Singapore. We know them. They are both alumni of the IIM ecosystem in India. One is from B and one is from A, I think.

The gentleman who posted the FB post below is Nithya Shanti, ex-Buddhist monk and spiritual teacher. A cheerful young man. I know him quite well too.

The story above is relevant not just for businesses but for all employers.

Enjoy the weekend!

One thought on “Truly ‘Being Sattva’

  1. Lovely anecdote on courage and compassion . Not many can afford to take this call . But even amongst those who can, very few actually do

    I stayed with friends at Being Sattva two years ago . It was indeed an oasis of calm . To live in a place so closely interconnected with nature spawns a sensibility of coexistence that is quite removed from the default urban instinct of fear and self preservation


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