Leadership and credibility

My comment on Andrew Hill’s article on leadership credibility:

Mr. Andrew Hill is right that President Trump will not be able to, ever, gain credibility with his critics. But, what I do not know is whether it is his failing or theirs.

With Trumps’s personal conduct, the charges against him are a mixture of truths, innuendoes, sly suggestions, evidence-free and unproven allegations. So, his personal credibility is low with those who believe in these allegations. Some are indifferent because there is, so far, smoke without fire and for his supporters, they do not matter.

The question of double-standards on the part of the critics bothers many neutrals and that dilutes the credibility of his critics, substantially.

As for his role as the President, many – including his critics grudgingly admit – have now conceded that he lives up to the agenda or campaign promises. He has done so more than any other recent President has done – Republican or Democrat. That should actually enhance his credibility, whether we agree with that agenda or not.

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