Personal update

I was travelling from the 17th August to 22nd August. Came back to Singapore and it has not been this hectic in a while.

I am taking over as the Dean of the Business School of the Institute of Financial Management and Research (IFMR), located at Sri City in Andhra Pradesh. One takes NH 16 from Chennai to get there. It is little over 80 kms. from Alwarpet or Anna Salai – Gemini Circle. I start on October 4.

IFMR is the sponsoring body of the Krea University.

Not sure if I will find time to blog as avidly and regularly as I used to do all these years. Will find my way around it for it is an outlet and refuge for me.

Not that many missed my blog posts this past week 🙂

6 thoughts on “Personal update

  1. Hi .. All the very best … Thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts, assessments and insights from this blog … IFMR will benefit immensely from having you with them


  2. All the best Anantha. It has been very enriching experience for me reading your blogs.
    Hope to see them, once you settle in your new position.


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