‘Deep state’ paranoia

Gideon Rachman of the FT has an article on Team Trump’s Deep State Paranoia. Pl. find below a slightly modified version of the comment I had left on the article. The text below includes a reference to the latest WSJ Edit which is not there in the comment I had left in the FT pages.

In a way, calling it a ‘Deep State’ makes it easy to paint it as paranoia and two, to evade responsibility for specific actions that specific individuals or their departments took or have been taken, specifically with respect to the 2016 Presidential campaign and beyond.

The Wall Street Journal did not endorse Trump, has called some of his policy agendas as mistaken (reducing capital adequacy requirements on banks, for example) and yet, it has been consistently calling attention to instances of egregious interference by government agencies in a democratic political process. Here is its latest ‘no-nonsense’ Edit on the matter.

I do not need to list them here. Anyone with a modicum of curiosity in knowing the truth will have little difficulty in finding them. They cannot be wished away or dismissed as ‘deep state’ paranoia.  That is an exercise in evasion of journalistic responsibility and also a masterclass in self-destruction of credibility on the part of the writer of this article.

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