More on Trump and ZTE

FT had an Edit on Trump’s mind-bending tweet on ZTE. I left the following comment there:

IF I were FT, I would wait to assess. It was a big shock to see that tweet alright. But, precisely because it was such an incomprehensible tweet, we should give ourselves time to figure it out.

Plus, FT’s Economics Commentator Martin Wolf had written that the United States has imposed humiliating conditions on China that it could not possibly accept.

Now, FT View says that Trump might have bargained away a serious national security threat for short-term  gimmicks from Xi and that he might have struck one of the worst deals he has ever struck.

So, which side is FT on? We know one thing for sure. There is only one consistency that FT follows: oppose what Trump does even if it means opposing what FT itself wrote on the same day in another page or another day.

I am ready to wager that Trump is secretly having a laugh at the fantastic twisted tangle that the so-called ‘elites’ and ‘intellectuals’ have gotten themselves into ever since he became a contender for the American Presidency.

Two things that they ought to be doing but have not: give some credit to the intelligence on the other side especially since they had no idea of what was coming, how or why and two, take time out and reflect on what they have gotten wrong and why.

Chris Balding’s tweet alerted me to this another mind-bending stuff – this time from Martin Wolf of FT:

China needs strong central rule

A noteworthy fact was the belief of our interlocutors that Chinese political stability is fragile. History suggests that they are right. The past two centuries have seen many man-made disasters, from the Taiping Rebellion of the 19th century to the Great Leap Forward and cultural revolution. [Link]

But, wait! The ‘Great Leap forward’ and ‘The Cultural Revolution’ were because of strong central rule. Oh, boy! What a mess!!

Chris Balding tweeted thus, in response:

I don’t even know where to start with this one. You argue that China NEEDS strong central rule and to make your case you cite the Great Leap Forward? Going to stop now before some four letter words words come out. [Link]

I can very well understand that.

He had another terrific tweet:

Progression of Twitter conversation on US China trade negotiations
1. Trump is too easy
2. Trump is too hard
3. Trump should ask for market opening
4. Trump should ask for hard targets
5. It’s all about Trump Tower
6. Return to #1 and repeat as needed



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