Who is out of touch?

From the March 2018 edition of the Harvard-Harris poll:

23% of Americans polled said that China was an ally while 35% said China was an enemy

45% considered India an ally and 8% said India was an enemy

Favourable-Unfavourable rating for Narendra Modi (25% vs. 16% – 58% had not heard of him or were unsure)

Favourable-Unfavourable rating for Xi Jinping (22% vs. 45% – 33% had not heard of him or were unsure)

47% felt that the United States had been hurt by free trade while 53% felt that it had benefited the country

55% said America’s trade agreements cost jobs and only 45% said that they created jobs

On asked whether they personally benefited or were hurt by trade agreements, the response was a dead heat at 50-50

48% of those polled approved of the tariffs on steel and aluminium while 52% opposed them

61% approved of the American President leveraging the threat of tariffs to win more favourable terms for America from trade agreements

57% (vs. 43%) felt that America should push China back by working more closely with other allies

More than two-thirds (67%) said that the United States should punish China for forcing American companies to give up technology secrets

72% were either concerned or very concerned about the United States losing technological supremacy to China

75% said that the United States should take steps (including tariffs) to correct the USD375bn trade deficit with China

58% supported the imposition of tariffs on Chinese goods. Contrast that with the response on steel and aluminium tariffs

57% said that alliance and treaty obligations not in America’s best economic interests should be reconsidered and renegotiated

71% approved of America blocking the takeover of Qualcomm by Broadcom

72% said that President Trump should continue to insist that NATO members pay their fair share

70% said that the United States should foster a closer economic and security relationship with Taiwan even if it upset China

62% said that they either approved somewhat or strongly approved President Trump’s ‘America First’ foreign policy direction

68% said that the American government should buy America-made goods and hire Americans

63% said President Obama was warm to dictators and 57% think that President Trump is warm to dictators

57% said President Obama did little against dictators and 54% said the same thing about President Trump

61% believe that there is a ‘Deep State’ that operates independently of elected officials and 52% felt that mainstream press was only covering negative stories against President Trump

In spite of these responses, their overall rating of President Trump on foreign policy was unfavourable and a good majority felt that America is less respected overseas now than before. Mainstream media’s relentless negative coverage has an impact.

3 thoughts on “Who is out of touch?

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  2. “Mainstream media’s relentless negative coverage has an impact.” I wonder what the situation would be in India. My instinct is that Indians respect their MSM far less than Americans, but it would be interesting to confirm.


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