Index of ‘small change’

Heard and seen in the last three days in India

Just as there is a Big Mac Index for purchasing power parity, there should be an index for the shortage of ‘small change’ – smaller denomination notes and coins – for the world. When the people of the country stop hoarding small change, then it has reached a certain development state. In India. that tendency is still very high and that indicates a much large catch-up remaining on development. In the Chennai airport on Saturday morning, a man presented a 2000-rupee note for a breakfast that cost him Rupees 230.00. The Teller refused to accept it. The man then pulled out the smaller denomination notes he had in his pocket. They were plenty. He settled it. If we never intend to use them, why do we collect them? Why everyone hoards? Why does the shortage syndrome persist? When will it change and what will make it change?

A family of three stopped to take a selfie before they took their escalator down to their gate and then realised that they had come to the wrong gate. The amount of attention for taking Selfies far exceeds the attention needed on other matters, it seems.

The brilliant acting that queue breakers put on in the morning rush-hour traffic in the airport is worthy of many an Oscar award. They keep an innocent face or sport a worried look or usually both. They then say that their flight is leaving early and proceed to the front of the queue. When I stopped someone and checked, his flight and mine were taking off at around he same time.

Most Indian big-city airports are fully stretched in the early morning rush-hour traffic up to 7 or 8 AM. Capacity will soon be exposed as inadequate if not already.

Most youngsters I saw sport beards similar to the beard of Kohli, K.L. Rahul, et al, in the Indian team. These guys have an impact. Can it be tapped for other things? – discipline, punctuality, road manners, following rules, concern for pedestrians, etc., – small things to begin with.

My 89-year old uncle was very pleased with my responses to the 12 questions of Mr. Chidambaram. He feels that Modi is sincere and that 60 years of misrule cannot be changed in a few years. Interesting perspective because some of the youngsters in some email groups that I am part of, are saying the same things.

That said, I think, TCA Srinivasa Raghavan has a very important message for the PM.

I was happy with this shot I took from my car screen for the way it turned out. Again, that said, it is a tough life for the man making a living sticking posters.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-11 at 22.32.21



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