Utterly confused lot

A quick glance through the blog posts in the website of the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) suggests that they are barking at inequality and yet baying for a loose monetary policy.

Loose monetary policy does zilch for good old inflation that they are hankering after. It does a lot for asset price inflation that contributes immensely to the inequality that they are opposed to.

She would, in short, be doing America’s working families a big favor. If she does decide to stay on after losing her chair position, we should all thank her. [Link]

The good folks at the EPI want Yellen to continue as a Governor in the Federal Reserve Board even if she were not the Chairperson! She supposedly tightened interest rates and financial conditions eased considerably, creating asset price inflation that favoured the rich and she had nothing to show for her efforts in generating inflation in goods and services.

EPI is doing a disservice to the workers whose cause it claims to espouse.

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