Speech by Liu Qibao

On October 26, 2017, Andrew Batson had blogged about the low-key celebrations of the October revolution in the modern day Russia. He had recommended that readers go through the speech by Liu Qibao made in September. I did and it was time well spent. It is a fascinating speech for its innate contradictions. See the highlighted phrases, for example.

Some extracts:

Communists should take enough “spiritual calcium” to strengthen their minds so that they can consciously resist corruption by decadent ideas.

History and reality have incontrovertibly proved that only socialism can save China, only socialism with Chinese characteristics can develop China and realize the great renewal of the Chinese nation.

Because of the increasingly manifested superiority of the world socialist movement and the socialist system, many capitalist countries had to make constant adjustments in their ruling strategy and seek improvement through the introduction of some measures from the socialist system so as to mitigate the increasingly sharp basic contradictions in the capitalist system.

The reasons behind the Soviet breakup are many, including rigidity and conservatism; yet, the root cause was its turning away from Marxism-Leninism and from the socialist path created by the October Revolution.

The whole Party should have strong political staunchness in ideals and convictions, consciously become firm believers and faithful practitioners of the exalted ideal of communism and the shared ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

We must further improve and develop the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, promote the modernisation of the state governance system and capacity in governance, all of which are aimed at continuously accomplishing, safeguarding and developing the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people. We must unswervingly hold high the banner of reform and opening up, and strive to promote innovations in theories, practices, systems and in other aspects of innovation, continue to liberate and develop social productive forces, emancipate and enhance social vitality, make socialism with Chinese characteristics more efficient than capitalism, make it more able to stimulate enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of all the people, more able to achieve social justice and common prosperity, and more able to gain competitive advantages on the international stage.

General Secretary Xi Jinping said firmly, “In today’s world, if we want to point out which political party, which country and which nation can be confident, the answer must be: the CPC, the People’s Republic of China and the Chinese nation have the best reason to stay confident.”

The full speech is here.

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