Trump in Vietnam on India

India is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its independence. It is a sovereign democracy, as well as — think of this — over 1 billion people. It’s the largest democracy in the world. (Applause.) Since India opened its economy, it has achieved astounding growth and a new world of opportunity for its expanding middle class. And Prime Minister Modi has been working to bring that vast country, and all of its people, together as one. And he is working at it very, very successfully, indeed. [Link]

In this context, two tweets by Chris Balding deserve mention.

First tweet:

What do you think China’s model is if not “nationalism, protectionism, unilateralism & xenophobia”?

Caroline Freund @CarolineFreund

If Trump’s retreat into nationalism, protectionism, unilateralism & xenophobia continues, China’s model could win.

This is the second tweet:

I’m not about to say yet that Trump got Beijing to open up bank ownership, but if it comes out Trump admin played a role, will everyone who said he was played please step forward? No one? Anyone at all? [Link]

You have to believe this story because it appeared in ‘South China Morning Post’:

Chinese officials pay homage to tree planted by Xi Jinping as Communist Party chiefs get in touch with their roots.

Let me close with Ely Ratner’s tweet:

I’d like to see more reporting on the absurdity of Xi’s major speeches, contrasting his rhetoric about openness and globalization with the actual situation in China.


One thought on “Trump in Vietnam on India

  1. “It’s the largest democracy in the world.”
    I wish for a day when a leader would say India is the largest enlightened republic in the world. Democracy in of itself doesn’t really mean much. Generally speaking, I wish that leaders stopped shilling for democracy and instead spoke up for enlightenment values. Mere elections are not a sign of progress with a mediocre constitution. Leaders, media, intelligentsia should be focusing on the quality of the constitution. In India we should be focusing on constitutional amendments to restrict and constrain the administrative branch from having discretionary power that infringes upon economic and personal liberty.


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