Trump’s first annniversary

As of the start of October, federal red tape scorekeeper Wayne Crews found that Mr. Trump was off to an historic beginning. Mr. Crews measures the number of pages of new and proposed rules spewing forth from Washington. Last month he reported:

The Federal Register stands at 45,678 pages. Last year at this time, Barack Obama’s Federal Register stood at 67,900 pages. (Obama’s 2016 Federal Register set an all- time-record: 97,110 pages). Compared to Obama at this time last year, Trump’s page count is down 32 percent so far in his first year.

It took a few years for Ronald Reagan to achieve his ultimate, one-third reduction in Federal Register pages following Jimmy Carter’s then-record Federal Register. So by this metric, Trump is moving much faster.

By many measures, including graciousness and dignity, Mr. Trump is no Ronald Reagan. But this is the first time since Reagan left Washington nearly 29 years ago that a U.S. President has mounted a vigorous effort to tame the federal bureaucracy. The Trump campaign for expanded economic liberty should give all Americans reason to be hopeful. [Link]

We are unlikely to read this in any commentary on the first anniversary of Trump Presidency. Hence, posting it here.

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