‘Purposeless nation’ revisited

(1) Shankkar Aiyar has many practical suggestions for job creation in India in his piece here. In this piece, he says what not to do is as important as what to do. That is as much philosophy as it is public policy.

(2) By Sunil Jain after the tragedy at Elphinstone Road train station overbridge in ‘Financial Express’ [Link]:

Fixing all of this means imbibing a certain safety culture that, for the most part, we do not have; and it means getting rid of the corruption that permeates most parts of the country…This kind of a shortage can only be met when we either pay the correct user-charge for facilities or we have enough taxes for the government to meet the difference. Neither holds true for India.

Sunil Jain’s piece is about ‘US’.

(3) After much dithering, India now has a Receivables Exchange for helping small businesses collect their dues from big buyers by factoring them to financial institutions. It is about eight months since it came into existence. It was first mooted in 2008. Yes, 2008. That is not a typo. Guess what, corporations are reluctant to join the platform. Read why here and weep. No sense of fairness or logic.

(4) By Rahul Jacob in March 2016 in ‘Business Standard’ [Link]:

Mr Sharma, whose sourcing business from all over the developing world gives him a good vantage point, says the high volumes passing through Chinese ports have resulted in a speedy, laissez faire approach. “The volumes are so high they do not start out thinking you are a crook,” he says. “Here, it is exactly the opposite.”

Rahul Jacob’s piece is about them – the Government.

There is no trust between either side – the Governing and the Governed. The ‘Governing’ have what Sunil Jain and what Ram Kumar of ‘BusinessLine’ write, for vindication. The ‘Governed’ have Rahul Jacob’s Mr. Sharma for vindication. Who will start first and who will bell the cat first?

Reading Sunil Jain’s piece reminded me of my own piece published in MINT five years ago: ‘Purposeless Nation’. I felt sad writing it and I feel sad now recollecting it.

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