Eric Schmidt, Suy Kyi and Donald Trump

I saw the link to this article in the Twitter handle of James Kynge. That follows the piece below that I had read yesterday.

The first article is about how a Google funded a think-tank fired a researcher who praised the EU fines on Google as a necessary antidote to market power. The second article is about how Aung San Suu Kyi is remaining silent on the alleged atrocites being perpetrated by the Myanmar army on the Rohingya Muslims. George Monbiot, a well-known columnist who champions ‘liberal’ causes, calls for the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to her to be withdrawn.

Both articles convey the essential truth. It is difficult for humans to be able to stay true to their values as they progress through life and begin to taste power and/or wealth. That also exposes the hypocrisy and inconsistency of some of these tech. companies standing up for so-called ‘liberal’ values vs. the American President.

Even Trump has not been able to silence his critics as much as Eric Schmidt has been able to!!

There is a great research site on hubris set up by the Daedalus Trust.  I had blogged on that site more than once. It is not just political leaders who are prone to hubris.

Also, I saw Chris Balding’s article in FP on the compromises that Western Universities make to operate in China. He writes:

Aiming for a diverse student body or announcing opposition to U.S. President Donald Trump’s immigration ban is a low-cost form of opposition that helps a university establish liberal credentials at home. No foreign university, however, has demonstrated willingness to show the same level of opposition to demands made by the Chinese government that it would deem unacceptable at home. The opportunities are too big, and their principles turn out to be surprisingly pliable.

Who is really fit to cast the first stone?

[p.s: Cambridge University Press has reversed its decision to purge articles from the China Quarterly Journal as demanded by the Chinese government]


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