Farewell to Lucy

Lucy Kellaway will no longer be working full time for Financial Times. She penned her ‘farewell’ column three days ago and these lines prompted me to write the following comment under the column:
As I sit down to write this last column, I feel so wobbly I can hardly put one word in front of another. This has taken me quite by surprise. so long ago, I have had ages to get used to the idea. And it is not as if I am regretting it. [Link]
dear Lucy, whether you realise or not, in these sentences above, you had debunked the idea of ‘rational expectations’ theory that ‘Homo Economicus’ types peddle, even now, after multiple crises and tonnes of evidence to the contrary.  You had just added one more to that pile of evidence. No matter how well and early information is available,  it does not get ‘discounted’ (or, ‘digested’) continuously, seamlessly and uneventfully. The emotions are there.
They matter and they will elicit certain responses from us which may not be strictly ‘rational’ but entirely valid. Certainly, we will miss your columns and, I am sure, many here have said this before me: you were one of the reasons why we hung on to FT. There are still a few journalists who have the ‘pull’ factor but equally, FT has many more now who wield the ‘push’. Your departure has tilted the balance in their favour, perhaps. We will see.
I remember one of your columns a while ago about life being too long these days for us to spend it on one thing that we started doing in our youth.  You are actually putting your words into action. I am happy to take a bet on you enjoying the experience as would your students. Best wishes.

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