STCMA – 12.06.2017

Chinese origin Australian Professor Chongyi Feng writes about what freedom means after he was detained for ten days in China as he was about to board a flight back to Sydney.

Rory Medcalf writes in Australian Financial Review that China’s influence in Australia is no ordinary soft power.The growing Australian discomfort at Chinese influence or interference is a good thing.

This article in ‘Independent’ shows that Edward Heath, former Conservative PM, was in the pay of the Chinese government for a long time.

Fitchratings has put the credit rating of on a negative outlook watch because of its shadow banking activities. It is a technology company. Article could be behind a paywall.

This is a long blog post but well worth a read. The apparent stability in China’s macroeconomics has its costs. This post details those costs. I had not heard of ‘Klendathu Capitalist’ before.

Tadit Kundu looks at the application of Taylor Rule for India and says that there is room for rate cut by the Reserve Bank of India.

Tamal Bandyopadhyay argues that the bad debt situation in Indian banks is really bad.

After Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra goes for a farm loan waiver. Indian policymaking opts for lazy solutions to farming woes. The issue strikes at the core of everything that is wrong about the structure of the Indian economy.

A long and good profile article on Indian management guru, M.B. Athreya.

Sandipan Deb’s review of the latest book of Amish Tripathi.

T.N. Ninan’s column, ‘Beyond the numbers’ is a good read. But, it is behind a paywall. He thinks that India’s superficial macroeconomic health is no justification to rest on laurels. I agree. Have written on similar lines more than once in recent weeks.

A very good article by Ajay Shah on the extent of uncertainty that pervades Indian private sector, with information from CMIE database. This is one more of the many wake-up calls needed.

Mohamed El-Erian reminds us that the anti-establishment mood has not gone away. He is right. The vote in the UK elections was not pro-establishment. It was for the promise of freebies by Corbyn. It was not a vote against Brexit because Labour did not campaign against Brexit promising any rollback of it, etc. That cannot be done. So, clearly, Macron’s victory has clouded judgement in Europe and in the commentariat that only believes what it wants to.

Alan Dershowitz says that ‘History, Precedent and Comey Statement Show that Trump Did Not Obstruct Justice’. Good read.

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