STCMA – 4.6.2017

A long article analysing various scenarios as to how demand for crude oil would evolve. All of them point to the downside from the projected demand. Well written article. Easy to follow.

A very good story on China’ ghost collaterals. Everyone fakes sincerity and everything is normal. It is one big illusion.The IFC comment that it was an isolated case is pure delight.

Millennials and home ownership in America. A distant dream. With their savings, they can afford dogs, though.

A German law professor wants Germany not to have any association with ECB’s Quantitative Easing programme any more. It is scheduled to run up to 2018.

More robots; fewer jobs – the workers appear screwed either way, robots or no robots. Post-2008, it was supposed to be different. Or so we thought.

Yuval Harari paints it stark: ‘​​Are we about to witness the most unequal societies in history?’

Rural America is the new inner city. Poignant reading.

Shankkar Aiyar on the riveting and unending saga of 100 worst districts in India. Riveting, if depressing reading.


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