STCMA – 1.6.2017 Edition: The emperor is almost naked

Michael Schuman thinks that China’s time to pay the debt bill is now.

I do not know if Saudi Arabia had enough economic reserves of strength to handle another year or two of below-$40 oil prices. Counterfactuals are impossible.

Tyler Cowen proves that he is a true intellectual. The sign of it is open-mindedness and capacity for reflection. A great piece on the Trump budget proposal to reduce federal grants for research overheads. There are both sides to the story. Private donors would be very familiar with the dilemma.

A good piece on how North Korea provides cover to China’s South China Sea antics.

Coming from a self-avowed Sinophile, this is big deal. Well, make it, very big deal.

The quintessential definition of chutzpah. The Chinese do it with a straight face. Incredible.

Ajit Ranade stresses de-centralisation and devolution. Hard to quarrel with that.

Sonal Varma says that inflation in India has not really been put to bed. I think she is right.

Mridula Ramesh hits a century on debut. Brilliant first column on water harvesting in Rajasthan and the situation in Madurai now.

Walt Disney Co., deducted the cost of uniforms from employee wages of 16000 workers. The amount was USD3.8mn, the monthly salary of its CEO. Boggles the mind. Where is the revolution?

Stunningly rapid descent into extreme political correctness in America.

Andy Mukherjee has a delightful piece on the pinch on the wrist that the Monetary Authority of Singapore administered to Credit Suisse.

Staying with Andy Mukherjee, he has a very good piece on the debt woes of Anil Ambani’s Reliance Communications. If one connected the dots that Andy so beautifully plots in the piece, one has to conclude that the emperor (aka ‘the Indian economy’) has very few clothes.

India has released its advance GDP estimate for 4Q2016-17. But, that deserves a separate comment. May be, the emperor is (almost) naked.


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