Grouchy Gold Standard

Thanks to James Crabtree, I learnt a new word in English today.  He had called me ‘grouchy’. You can see his tweet here.

I googled ‘grouchy’ and it gave this as the top hit:

irritable and bad-tempered; grumpy; complaining

That seems like a disproportionately liberal compliment to my blog post. If I said more, James would tweet again saying, ‘QED’.

I am prepared to ‘forgive’ him for calling me ‘grouchy’ for the pointer to this article in this tweet. The two images of India in 2012 and in 2016 would be heartwarming both to the Indian Chief Economic Advisor and his employer!

So, James shall have the last word on being grouchy.


4 thoughts on “Grouchy Gold Standard

  1. I felt Crabtree was at least half decent. Unlike Mallet and Kazmin who both at times paint India in ridiculously poor and biased ways in their articles.


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