Trivially important

This is trivia: Looks like it is not good news for King’s XI Punjab if Hashim Amla scored centuries. They lost both the matches in which he scored centuries in this IPL season. One is random. Is two a pattern? Kidding. He is a class act, no doubt.

Journal of Economic Perspectives (JEP) has recommended ‘Can India Grow?’ for reading in its Spring 2017 issue. Its Editor Tim Taylor had blogged on our book in detail, earlier. I had probably flagged it already.

Anna Cieslak and Annette Vissing-Jorgensen have a terrific new paper on the Economic Meaning of FED Put. Will blog on it separately. I think these authors would  trigger a reform of the Federal Reserve. All strength to them.

The Volatility Index on S&P 500 (VIX) had breached 10% and closed at 9.77% yesterday. It is a historical low. The previous low was 9.89% on January 24, 2007. Ahem.

Looks like Presidential impeachment in a market classified as emerging is a BUY signal. Brazil stocks had breezed through a recession and Presidential impeachment. It is being repeated in Korea. I suppose one gets ready to buy Venezuela shortly?

Will Obama’s USD400K speaking fees have attracted the critical attention that it has, but for the issues that were thrown up during the American Presidential elections?

This is important.


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