China’s Trump Card

I had written about how China appears to be getting tough on North Korea. At least, John Pomfret thought so and I had cited him in my MINT column on Tuesday. At the same time, I had considered the possibility that China could be ‘compliantly non-compliant’.

James Kynge has a superb piece (apologies if it is behind a paywall) on why China would not give up its ‘asset’ that North Korea is. I suppose it applies to Pakistan. All the more so, in the light of recent developments versus India. One has to doff one’s hat at them for the creative ways in which they practice statecraft.

In the meantime, India is signalling to the United States that it would take no prisoners on the H1B visa and other trade matters. It is a topsy-turvy world where everyone is unable to or is unwilling to see and assess the overall picture and come up with an overall balance sheet of relationships. It is no criticism. It has become almost impossible.

As I wrote in the previous post, moral outrage and ‘clarity’ are possible only if one practised selectivity with respect to issues. Repeat, this is now practised by all stakeholders. This is not a remark directed at India alone, here.


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