Micro sense and macro no sense

Infosys uses its artificial intelligence to eliminate the need for lawyer. Hardly the right remedy for India.

This is like the paradox of thrift. What makes micro sense makes no macro sense. What is the answer? How to bridge incentives or simply prepare for CMAD – Collective Mutually Assured Destruction?

“For now, we have AI  at  a  unique situation, where on the one hand it is eating the jobs of the past but on the other hand it is creating far greater opportunities for jobs of the future,” Sikka added. [Link]

That is baloney. He surely does not know. Not his fault. He cannot. None of us know. We unleash things without knowing the consequences. We are limited. IF we recognise that much, we would do fine. But, we don’t.

I draw attention to the blog post dated March 6, 2017.


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