Priceless Price

FT according to Tim Price

This is taken from the blog post of Tim Price of ‘The Price of Everything’ blog. If I were the editors of FT, I would be embarrassed. But, I am not sure they would be. In India, it is often said these days that heroines in Indian films have made the ‘item dance’ girls redundant with their willingness to do similar dance numbers themselves.

Similarly, mainstream media outlets have rendered tabloid journals and newspapers obsolete and redundant. They are doing tabloid journalism themselves.

In a way, this behaviour of the mainstream media outlets vindicates two of my recent columns in MINT.

(1) One was on Nov. 8 when I actually endorsed Donald Trump. One of the reasons I gave was that he would be subject to intense scrutiny as no other President has ever been. That is coming true. He is under the nanoscope!

(2) By the same token, I wrote that Ms. Clinton would not be subjected to a similar treatment. That is borne out by the fact that none of the impacts on American communities, middle classes and small businesses of the monetary and regulatory policies pursued respectively by the Federal Reserve and the Obama administration have been studied, analysed and reported up on in such excruciating detail as is being done now, for President Trump’s policies.

(3) That vindicates the second op.ed I wrote in which I said that past Presidents created Donald Trump.



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