The case of the Greek statistician

There is a fascinating Wall Street Journal story on the cases that the former Greek Statistician is battling. What is clear is the bias that the journalist wants to impart to the story. It is subtle but not that difficult really to detect.

The story mentions that the Chief Statistician of Greece has left his position. He is in his Fifties, single and raising a six-year old daughter. Her name is given. During his job in Greece, he never got much of an opportunity to see her.

His opponents come across as vicious. They had used the word, ‘genocide’ as though a statistician can manage that.

I have no idea if the case against him is unfair. Prima facie, it is not that difficult to believe that he is being persecuted for doing his job. After all, is it such a difficult thing to believe that Greece was not spending merrily and adding debt like it did not have to be repaid, etc.

But, still, it is fascinating to see the subtle mind-games that the journalist has deployed. May be, all in the service of a good cause.


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