FT tries too hard

Another bad faith and mischievous article on the part of FT. Also a sloppy exercise. Some random quotes and surveys when the PMI readings for January are still showing an expanding economy. Manufacturing PMI was at 55.9, just a tad lower than 56.1 in December. Output growth was at a 36-month high.  Service sector PMI showed that activity eased but business expectations strongest since May 2016. Construction PMI showed activity slowing but still in expansion mode.

Those PMI surveys are more comprehensive in nature. Have more respondents. Had the second paragraph been worded differently, my comment would not have been needed. Here is how I would have worded it, to be accurate (But, then FT would not have its story!):

“While an Ipsos Mori survey of senior executives from more than 100 of the largest 500 companies found that 58 per cent felt last year’s vote was already having a negative effect on their business,  a stream of positive economic data and strong economic growth belie their pessimism.”

58% of 20% of 500 large companies? 11.6% of 500 large companies? Is that a story?

Can this newspaper do with some hard data than by running a story based on a survey of 100 companies out of 500 large companies?

FT will be doing a disservice to itself if it does not treat with respect its readers’ intelligence.


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