Apocalypse preparation

An article in ‘New Yorker’ Magazine on how the rich or the super-rich are preparing themselves for a potential ‘Black Swan’ event – earthquake, pandemic, nuclear bomb drop, a war, etc., had attracted a bit of traffic. Of course, one can question the timing of the release of the article after Donald Trump became the President. These preparations have been afoot for several years now.

It is interesting to ponder the question of whether the article would have been released had Ms. Clinton come to office. But, that is not the important question.

Some have dismissed these preparations as typical (American) paranoia. There is a bit of that too, no doubt. We always have the option of ignoring these things. Quite a few people interviewed for the article have also expressed similar sentiments.

I look at it differently. These people are fund managers and tech. entrepreneurs. At one point, the article mentions that more than 50% of the Silicon Valley billionnaires must have taken some form of ‘apocalypse insurance’ (home in New Zealand, an apartment in a nuclear bunker, etc.,).

They have been successful in their professions and businesses. There is certain information out there and how they process it and what they perceive in it, is important. Processing and interpreting information better than others or anticipating certain trends and profiting from them have made them successful.

So, what is it that they know that we don’t know? Or ,what is the angle that they are seeing but we are missing or could be missing?

Hence, we do need to reflect on them a little more deeply than we would react to some one habitually paranoid or fearful.


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