Dutch cows and capitalism

I read this news nearly a week ago. Nearly 500,000 Dutch cows are in danger of being killed because they generate too much manure and it is an environmental concern in that country!

It might appear as though environmental concerns are good ones to have. But, the problem has arisen because the feed for the cows contain chemicals (phosphate) added to make the cows more fertile, have better bones (and may be, ensure better yield of milk or

Related and unrelated: I listened to the interview of Sir James Goldsmith by Charlie Rose in 1994 when GATT (Uruguay round) was being hotly debated.

His simple message was that the economic doctrine of worshipping an economic index risked destroying western societies. He said then that, under the new rules of the game on globalisation, the poor in rich societies would be subsidising the rich in poor societies.

Some of us will have a mixed reaction to his message but his warning for the Western societies had turned out prophetic because profits of corporations took precedence over labour share of value added.

Global labour force, according to him, would break the compact between capital and labour in the Western world to the detriment of their societies.

Laura D’Andrea Tyson was another participant for some time.


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