Views that matter

Raja Mohan acknowledges China’s clever and ruthless policy towards India while ‘blaming’ India for its naive idealism (my words and not his). I suppose it could also be due to the innate desire to be liked but not respected or feared. Stems from an inadequacy or inferiority complex too. Will take some more generations to go away.

Former Ambassador G. Parthasarathy analyses the Chinese reaction to the Agni V missile.

Shankkar Aiyar is making a case for good quality data to guide policy. Governments should be ideally interested in that and make it a priority. It does not seem to be the case in India. Decisions are, I suppose, made for other reasons and data sought later to justify them. Does not really matter if they are not available. Pity.

Sitting in rural Uttarakhand, Patrick French says that he could understand why most of the debates that divide urban India and lead to slang and shouting matches on TVĀ mattered little. He is right.

Manish Sabharwal wrote towards the end of 2016 that informality was not a badge of pride for the Indian economy. My words and not his. The article was in his inimitable style. I agree. The government has created a necessary platform to shrink informality and thus raise productivity and the production possibility frontier of the Indian economy. Hope it is listening. In a sense, Manish argues that, given the scale of India’s required transformation, the creation of a ‘crisis’ was worth it. I agree.



2 thoughts on “Views that matter

  1. Obama’s one more legacy – letting China take over the seas in Asia. This sets the stage for a high stakes game. No matter how weary the Americans are of going to war, taking a rincipled stance was necessary.

    What a wasted presidency. Likeable but very little achieved.


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