Regulations under Obama

I got a surprisingly strong pushback from three friends for my email on the Midnight regulations of President Obama. I had forwarded an article from WSJ to my mailing list. I thought that the article got it right.

Brand Obama is quite strong. Facts do not matter.

Here are some facts:

I think the issue is about the extent of regulations that the Obama administration has passed throughout its eight years and also now in the final weeks and days.

This link shows you a partial picture of how stifling his administration has been. The National Federation of Independent Businesses has been crying for the last several years about how impossible it has become, to do business there.

This chart below is only about the final quarter (Nov. – January) of every Presidential year. Let us wait for 2016 to come. It will be off the charts.

This chart below shows regulations passed in each of the Presidential years:

All the three charts above come from the Regulatory Studies Center of the Columbian College of Arts & Sciences. It is funny how the charts got pasted here. I only wanted to provide the JPG links here. Anyway, I am not complaining.

So, in short, the article was right. The writer was neither stupid nor arrogant nor was GOP running him down.

His is one of the most over-rated Presidencies. I had mentioned as much in my first column for MINT for the year.



5 thoughts on “Regulations under Obama

  1. Reasoning is neither fact-based nor logic-based. It is more often an exercise in argumentation and persuasion. Which explains a lot of decision making. And persuasion itself is easier when the views expressed conform to existing beliefs. I would think that the Democrat agenda has been hijacked by the careerists.

    Obama seems to have been sucked into Syria by [pls fill up]. The death and destruction there is primarily his legacy. He remains naive and essentially a 1st order thinker.

    Popular for sure … but don’t we expect more from the US President?

    And this exercise in passing all these new laws shows how unethical the Democrats are – so much for their positioning as a fairer and more inclusive party. Sad but shows truer colours.


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