Good reads from December

Barry Eichengreen thinks that James Galbraith’s ‘The Age of Uncertainty’ of the Seventies would be more like the ‘Age of assurance’ compared to today’s situation.

Michael Boskin on the lessons of the American election: he mentions the inability of people, in general, to cope with rapid change and “growing opioid epidemic and a tedious and intolerant form of political correctness,..”

Mohamed El-Erian argues that growing internal tensions and contradictions, together with over-reliance on monetary policy, are destabilizing the mediocre or new normal that he propounded years ago. But, his structural reforms do not sound like structural reforms, though. They are too easy.

Chris Patten does well to inveigh against the closing of the academic mind. There is not much to choose between some campuses in the West and authoritarian governments in other parts of the world.



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