Winding down and wound up

Back after a two-week holiday in Chennai to attend the South Indian Classical Music Festival. It is an annual event that takes place in December. Lately, weather has been playing havoc. It was major rains in 2015 and a big windy cyclone this year. Thousands of trees had been felled by the wind. Yet, the show went on. More on that in my other blog,

Kept in touch only superficially with events around the world. As I approached the end of my holidays, these headlines caught my attention:

Russia calls U.S. move to better arm Syrian rebels a ‘hostile act. [Link]

Chinese carrier docks after drill amid new tension over Taiwan [Link]

Two-state solution in jeopardy in Israel: Kerry. Check out Brett Stephens in WSJ here and what a drama here as Britain rebukes Kerry over his rebuke of Israel, despite voting for the U.N. Resolution.

Obama leaves the North Atlantic Alliance and the Western alliance more divided than when he took office. Indeed, he has done more in the last weeks of his Presidency to reset and reshape the Western alliance than in the eight years of his Presidency. I think he has vindicated Trump and made it easier to jettison and junk Obama’s legacy.

Quoting Mao, China says Taiwan, HK independence supporters will fail ‘like flies. [Link]

Xi’s Power Play Foreshadows Historic Transformation of How China Is Ruled – Party insiders say president wants to remain in office after his second term, breaking succession conventions.[Link]


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