Taxation for Universal Basic Income

In his regular column for ‘Project Syndicate’, Yanis Varoufakis writes about funding Universal Basic Income for workers likely rendered unemployed by the increasing spread, reach and impact of automation (Artificial Intelligence and robotics). Read this story on Amazon’s unmanned convenience stores.

I am more inclined to accept this method of funding than raising taxes on all. But, I am not convinced of such a free-rider rich solution in the first place. That is a topic for another occasion. Perhaps, when I write about Martin Ford’s ‘The rise of the robots’.

The best thing is to raise a socially disruptive tax on the companies that bring out these robotics and AI advances such that they stop these mindless extension of technology for its own sake.

Who is the worst danger to humanity? A plain Liberal or a tech.billionaire+liberal who is also developing robotics/AI?


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