Demonetisation update 16 – the knowns, the unknowns and the unknowables

Well, that was the title I had given my story for ‘Swarajya’. It is their cover story for December 2016 issue. The title they had gone with is ‘The Great Gamble’.

My piece is a bringing it all together’ piece. About two weeks ago, Swarajya requested me to write a story on demonetisation for the December 2016 print magazine. That was a challenge because, by then, I had already done ten posts on the story. I had to write something that was not rehashed. I succeeded largely in that. I am happy about it. But, on closer reading last night, after the story had been published, I realised that some sentences could have been worded better. But, overall, a satisfying effort. There is some interesting data in it. Sourced from various places. Take a look. Here is the link.


2 thoughts on “Demonetisation update 16 – the knowns, the unknowns and the unknowables

  1. Very well covered. In fact all the series is quite a read. I do not find any other who has dealt with this issue comprehensively and, more importantly, in an unbiased manner. In fact, now that I say it, it is applicable to most of your writings.

    I also saw how you side stepped the really vitriolic slants in the articles referred by you while yet addressing the kernel of truth in their articles.

    Many congratulations.



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