Quick links

Michael Schuman has a good piece on Korean Presidential travails and what the society is striving to achieve there.

I was on CNBC on Monday arguing that OPEC would not agree on a production cut and that, even if they agreed, it would not matter for two reasons. One, they would not be able to keep up to their quotas and that they would overproduce. Two, the global economy remained weak and would ensure that demand stayed suppressed. I was clearly wrong about them not agreeing. Have to wait and see if they prove me wrong on the production discipline too. As for the global economy, who knows? It might simply meander along.

Singapore’s armoured vehicles seized in Hong Kong by their Customs Department because the cargo was not declared in the ship’s manifest raises quite a few eyebrows. The eyebrows remain elevated. Singapore has been training in Taiwan for a number of years. Quite why now that should raise China’s hackles is a big question.


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