The THIRD guy – Part 2

Now we are in November 2016. The question is where and what does this all lead to? That is the difficult part. Is Donald Trump truly an outsider who defied all the elites as described above and somehow sneaked through? Possible but is that plausible? I have no idea.

Or, is that the elites – as Brandon Smith claims – ‘allowed’ him to be elected such that a meltdown that they would engineer could be pinned on him? The premise is that post-meltdown, a new world order could be constructed or fashioned. One of the paragraphs from Part 1 is reproduced:

Giant multinational corporations, and their economic satellites, in alliance with governments and the big banks, are in the process of extending their influence on a global scale: they dream of a world central bank, global planning, and an international welfare state, with American troops policing the world to guarantee their profit margins.

I have a few problems with all of these, even with the analysis of Murray Rothbard:

(1) His point is that as long there is a State, it would remain forever captive to the interests of the powerful and the rich. The ‘Left’, ‘Right’ divides are artificial and for amusement value. Even engineered and allowed to rotate to keep up the pretense of alternative discourses such that no radically different discourse or personality comes in (imagine Trump). Fair enough. I can accept that. But, is there a feasible alternative? Can we go back to some idyllic world? Who will lead the world into an ‘idyllic’ alternative?  The moment someone is chosen to ‘lead’ the movement to the idyllic world, the seeds of an organised State are sowed. So, if there is no leader, how would the movement evolve organically? It does not seem possible to me.

In other words, I feel we are ‘doomed’to accept the ‘progress’ we have made – from self-organised communities to organised nation-States with all the benefits and consequences that flow from that.

On balance, it does not appear to have been such a bad thing, after all, for a vast majority of the global population. Of course, I do not know about the future. But, on the basis of the record so far, with all the wars and warts, millions have prospered and have seen their conditions get better. But, of course, we may be on the cusp of seeing all of that being undone. But, we do not know if that is a certainty. We can never know.

(2) If it is true that an outside organism (Donald Trump) had managed to sneak in by piercing the well-orchestrated charade of the Left-Right divide and therefore, if the so-called ‘globalists’ would want to destroy the world and pin it on him, then couple of questions arise:

(a) Won’t the elites be affected by it themselves? So many interconnected webs and networks have been formed that none can claim to know fully which string pulls what and brings down which edifice. May be, the elites know.

(b) Won’t they be better off trying to co-opt him, given (a) above?

(3) There is the final nagging question: These narratives (e.g., by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market) assumes that humans are in control always and that they move the coins on the board expertly, flawlessly, anticipating many and almost all the moves that will be made by others, etc. I am very sceptical of that.

By now, so many behavioural science experts have convincingly demonstrated that human brains are not equipped to handle complexity, to reason out and to arrive at logical conclusions. We simply do not have the capability. I sense that we might have unwittingly and inadvertently created far too much complexity than we can ever handle or even learn to handle. Take Brzezinski for example.

In the introduction to Murray Rothbard’s book, the following is mentioned and I have heard it from others too:

More than a decade after Rothbard wrote this book, identifying Brzezinski as a Trilateral executive director and “recently selected director of the CFR,” this establishment poster boy claimed credit for intentionally baiting the Soviets into invading Afghanistan—a fateful intervention that has changed U.S. policy in the Muslim world irreversibly.

So, how has it played out for America? Are the Americans feeling better off? Is the world better off? Are the Soviets/Russians worse off? We cannot even begin to answer these questions although Brzezinski might claim success for what he (supposedly) designed and achieved.

Things will take their own course and some will claim credit or deny culpability, post-facto. We will never know if they are being honest or not.

Sometimes, we assign too much credit to fellow human beings and to ourselves for having seen them through.

One thing can be accepted, however, from the works of Murray Rothbard, Carroll Quigley and Brandon Smith. Elites try to influence policies on either side of the aisle. They have no qualms about it. They have infiltrated both sides. Second, they may not always succeed but they do try to engineer outcomes regardless of larger consequence. Third, outsiders/underdogs have very little chance of breaking through with very few lucky exceptions. It is a lopsided world. 

Anyway, for the moment, we have to wait for the Trump Presidency to commence actually and see how it would play out, if it does. What would be the consequences in financial markets, in world economics and politics? I have no idea. Especially, if he turns out to be really the THIRD guy and not part of ONE that pretends to be TWO.


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