Immunity from sanity

The following came in an email from FT:

Blame the electoral college Hillary Clinton may have lost the presidency, but she  won the popular vote in a repetition of the 2000 election, when fellow democrat Al Gore lost to George W Bush. Many say the electoral college system, which was created by America’s founding fathers to ensure fair representation for small states, is no longer relevant and skews election results. (NYT)

Blame Facebook. By its inability to differentiate between ‘fake’ and real news, Facebook and other social media may have helped boost support for Donald Trump. (NY Mag)

We thought humans are made wiser by experience. Looks like we have made ourselves immune even to the lessons that life teaches us. We have made progress! 


3 thoughts on “Immunity from sanity

  1. Sir, similar comments were made when Modi won the huge mandate in 2014. But, again what we can expect from the Left-Liberals, I get reminded again again of Arun Shourie’s quote at VSI session – Aap kare toh chamtkar, hum kare toh balatk***, pardon me for quoting this.


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