Some important developments

Soon after Duterte, the Philippine President, decided to abandon America and gravitate towards China, the embattled Malaysian Prime Minister is travelling to Beijing to bolster military ties. The friends that China keeps tell a lot about the kind of power that it is evolving into. Well, America too had similar friends but it also had other guys to count as close friends. (This thoughtful piece says that the loser of Duterte’s lurch towards China is ASEAN). China’s President has been anointed ‘core’ leader of the Party.

There is a scandal surrounding the Korean President. It might get her removed from office. One more sign of the world fast running out of leaders that can be respected and trusted. Another link.

Should we be surprised that one more country (Iceland) chose to go anti-establishment. The ruling party lost badly in the elections. The Pirates Party has shot into prominence. It has taken second place. Party leadership says that it is the party of Robin Hood philosophy: rob the rich to pay the poor!

The ruling party’s seats dropped to eight from nineteen. The Prime Minister who resigned came to office only in April because of the Panama papers scandal.


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