A new low

Indian films cannot match the twists, turns and tales in this Presidential election. It is not as though this election and its candidates have been particularly vile, vain and toxic. It is just that it has been a drain or a swamp whose lid has been thrown open for all to see what has been inside. That isn’t pretty at all. Whether America’s prestige and standing sank after 2008 anymore than it will after these elections is a matter for discussion. It will have problems for either one to conduct domestic and foreign policy and it isn’t just America that has touched a new low.

Many venerated commentators, intellectuals, thinkers and journalists too have had their sheen and gloss come off to reveal stark paranoia, desperation, panic and bigotry. After FBI Director Comey announced that he had received new information and was reopening investigation into Clinton emails, venom and scorn have been poured on him limitlessly. FT prominently featured Harry Reid – a senator belonging to the Democratic Party – suggesting that the FBI Director might have violated the Hatch Act. I am puzzled. If a candidate committed a crime, can law enforcement pretend to look elsewhere because a possible charge of bias?

Along with the article, there was an image of Putin and Trump kissing each other on their mouths! This was in Financial Times! The tabloid in every newspaper is coming out now, perhaps. What a fall! The image does not appear now.

This is the comment I left on the FT pages:

The picture on the left of this article on Trump’s links with Russia shows Trump kissing Putin on the mouth. Is that good journalism? Does that image belong in FT? How far the elites have fallen?! What is behind their paranoia and desperation?

Does anyone – who count themselves more as anti-Trump (or, pro-Hillary) – consider the possibility that the FBI may actually be having evidence that is more than adequate to indict the Democratic Party candidate for President and actually merely announced that it was re-opening an investigation?

The newspaper also, rather grandly, endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Presidency. That was quite a surprise (?!) indeed. I left the following comment on it:

Once upon a time, when media had credibility and people did not or could not verify things independently, these endorsements might have mattered. But, right now, it just exposes how self-absorbed the media is and what an exaggerated sense of self-importance that they still manage to retain.

Society is left without anchors/pillars that could be relied upon to be objective, to be guiding lights  counselling reason with fairness. This will have very bad consequences, well beyond the American Presidential election.



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