Agriculture reforms

I read this long piece published in MINT yesterday with great interest. Makes for good reading. These were my immediate thoughts:

We notice some small evidence of a welcome change and we are pleased about it. That is fair. But, as the article points out, towards the end, we touch the tip of the ice-berg.

The problem is big and the comments made by an unnamed ‘Agriculture Expert’ about the failure to reform the APMC too are telling.

In other words, the big question of whether it would scale, would the reformers have the energy and commitment to see it through fully and whether it would sustain remain very much open.

Our politicians should, in fact, make one or two such initiatives their signature initiatives and see them through to the fullest, including institutionalising it.

They fail to realise the signalling potential that such an approach would have, on other matters too. The spillover effect would be substantial. Some of them would begin to happen on their own, when bureaucrats, Minsters and other CMs notice that one person carried it through to the fullest.

Now, all those who have vested their interest in the status quo do cosmetic changes and bide their time for the politician to be distracted.

Nonetheless, as a work of journalism, it is very well done. High marks to Abhiram Ghadyalpatil.

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