Big risks

Look at some of these stories:

Something called ‘bird dogging’ – disrupting your opponent’s political rally by creating trouble.

Email received by Ms. Tulsi Gabbard for having dared to support Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primaries.

Names of media organisations and the amounts they donated to the Clinton Foundation

John Podesta’s mail (wish) on the identity of the San Bernardino shooter is very troubling.

If Mrs. Clinton won, she would owe so much to so many that it would be reasonable to expect that they would extract their pound of flesh for their support all these years. People who receive support for just causes won’t owe anything back. Their cause would be their shield. Indeed, it is a privilege extended to others to support a just cause. Not so in other cases. These stories are but a sample. They indicate the risk of a massive inability on her part, if she won, to govern in the name of and for the United States of America and its people.

These revelations and campaign tactics (plus other tactics that I have not named) have diminished American democracy considerably in the eyes of the world and have vastly eroded its prestige and reputation. Most have not applied their mind to it. Duterte thumbing his nose at the United States is just a curtain-raiser. It will have very big ramifications internationally and will tilt global power balance against America, adversely. That is a big global risk, post-election.

Second, in the big picture, quite apart from the well-known risks like terrorists, rogue-nations and their supporters, the so-called liberals constitute one of the biggest risks to the world with their staggering certitude, their stupendous hypocrisy and the extraordinary immoral license they assign themselves to pursue any means to achieve their ends.

Here are some examples:

Ezra Klein’s tweet is so cringe-worthy.

This tweet has arrogance written all over it.

Here is one exception I could find: Chris Balding. At least, he understands the hypocrisy of selective outrage.

Trump deserves all the outrage for threatening to jail Clinton, however, where were you during the IRS scandal which continues? [Link]

Obama admin explicitly went after its political opponents and absolutely nothing has happened. This behavior in either party is reprehensible [Link]

If you aren’t standing up to condemn all forms of using power of the executive to target political opponents, you are a rank hypocrite. [Link]

In any case, Chris Balding is a digression. The point is about the risks to the US and the world in the circumstances and the manner in which Ms. Clinton is likely to win. I had already written about it in Swarajya.

The diminution of America, an election victory tagged with a big IOU to many, elite arrogance, hubris and hypocrisy constitute big risks to the world.



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