Weekend reading links – 29.5.2016


Sukumar Ranganathan in MINT on the NDA government’s two years.

An important building block in the bad debt resolution in India

The world will have frequent El and La Nino in the years ahead

Sunil Jain’s column on the Modi government’s 2-year record

RBI’s Asset Quality Review reveals that nearly half of the stressed assets were not reported

WSJ article on their interview with PM Modi. The interview is here.

The Karnataka government resolved to skip the setting up of reclamation and rehabilitation (R & R) plans for land acquisitions below 100 acres.

Jaithirth Rao on the urgent and desperate need to roll back sugarcane cultivation in India

MINT in defence of Jawaharlal Nehru – a thoughtful edit


Jeffrey Sachs on the age of impunity (May 13, 2016)

Niall Ferguson conversation with ‘The Australian’

Ken Rogoff suggests that central banks in emerging economies diversify into gold

John Cassidy in ‘New Yorker’ summarises Raghuram Rajan’s reservations on helicopter money

How did the great enrichment happen? A very good essay by Prof. Deidre Mccloskey (ht: Prof. Mukul Asher)

A great article in ‘New Yorker’ on HSBC Private Bank in Geneva after a computer programmer stole data and sold it to governments in Europe.

The State or a State steals money from you – we are not talking taxes here.


SEC is investigating Alibaba group’s accounting practices

Lack of volatility in China’s currency makes it easier for the Fed to raise rates in June. Good comments from Steven Englander of Citi on China’s retracement of yuan policies.

Singapore Malls are facing shop closures. Orchard Road is not spared.

A ‘must-read’ article on China’s yuan (non) policy and as to how it emerged in recent months.

In China, you can sell and lease back cows with an agreement on culling.

James Kynge in the FT parses the latest Moody’s report on China. It isn’t a pretty picture.


Few convictions in Wall Street cases

How will US politics shape up in the coming decades – interesting even if not necessarily something one agrees with wholly.

It does not matter. We had our best week since March. We have the ‘fun’. No need for ‘da mentals’.

John Cassidy sums up the ‘qualities’ that await American voters in November

Cuba is living the American dream

Book Reviews

Lucy Kellaway reviews, in her inimitable style, ‘The Power Paradox’ by Dacher Keltner. She sounds right.

Ashok Desai reviews Vijay Joshi’s new book on what the government needs to do for the Indian economy.

Prof. Rishikesh Krishnan (Director of IIM, Indore) reviews a new book on China’s innovation titled, ‘China’s next strategic advantage’.



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