A Sankalp against students

The Union government has decided to promulgate an Ordinance to circumvent the Supreme Court judgement on the applicability of National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). The Court had ruled that all students from all States will have to appear for this exam this year itself. Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra are two of the States whose students will be severely disadvantaged. Some of their future plans might be in jeopardy. My MINT column this Tuesday was on this topic where I had taken exception to the Supreme Court judgement.

The proposed Ordinance is only postponing NEET by a year. From next year onwards, all students will have to appear only for NEET and there won’t be individual State level exams or different admission criteria. That is not bad, although it still does infringe upon States’ rights over the subject of Education which is on the concurrent list. But, this compromise solution is not bad.

However, an NGO by name, Sankalp Charitable Trust, has said that it would challenge the Ordinance as soon as it is notified. That is quite bizarre. The story in MINT makes it clear that the purpose of the Ordinance is to provide for a year of transition. Quite why this NGO should oppose the Ordinance is beyond me. Ego and hubris are easy explanations, of course. When one searches for ‘Sankalp Charitable Trust’, quite a few names pop up. So, it is hard to know which one of them is engaging in this needlessly obstructionist behaviour.


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