Small but significant

Apparently, Indian companies now have more than fifteen identification numbers (ht: Narayan Ramachandran). The idea is to consolidate them into one. Each company should have one Company Identification Number and it would facilitate huge flow and sharing of information between departments. The multiplier effect could be quite considerable. But, notice the warning sign in the report:

While the MCA is trying to expedite the exercise, various government departments involved in the process including directorate general foreign trade, labour department are trying to reach a consensus on the most acceptable identification number.

That is why Ministers/Secretaries must follow through on their idea to the last yard/inch.

The other day (Tuesday) as both he and I made a presentation each on India and China economies respectively at the Vivekananda International Foundation, I heard Neelkanth Mishra saying that the proposed plan in the budget speech to replace smokey chulas with LPG cylinders could do wonders for carbon emission, for the productivity of households, of women, for their health, etc.

The Prime Minister should include it in his monitoring dashboard.



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