Stranger things have happened but…

Usually, I send out links only over the weekend but some interesting things need to be recorded before I forget them.

Last week, it was the US Treasury’s anti-inversion tax law proposal that torpedoed Pfizer’s acquisition plans for an inversion!

Then, came the leak of Panama papers. Both have been blogged about, here.

Now, the name British Steel might come back with a partial government ownership to rescue the Port Talbot Steel Plant that Tata Steel is selling.

German politicians accuse Mario Draghi, the President of the European Central Bank for the rise of the far-right Parties in the country. Here is Mr. Schaeuble’s colourful quote:

In remarks reported by Dow Jones, Mr Schäuble told an audience: “I said to Mario Draghi . . . be very proud: you can attribute 50 per cent of the results of a party that seems to be new and successful in Germany to the design of this policy.” [Link]

In a further surprise, Bundesbank’s Weidmann defends Mario Draghi. Bundesbank has been highly critical of ECB policies in the past.

European Commission might end visa-free travel for American citizens as Washington refuses to extend the same courtesy to all EU citizens.

Siblings belonging to the first family in Singapore engage in a public exchange of words.

But, amidst all this unexpected and strange developments, the reassurance (?!) of the familiar.


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