Weekend reading links – 26.12.2016



India takes the US to WTO on the hike in fees for H1B visas. It may be up to the next US President to resolve it, if he wishes to, that is. Missed out the news that the UK too would be hiking its visa fees. But, it is of a different nature.

India may have a new monetary policy committee by September. The question is who will be the RBI Governor then? Rajan’s current term ends in September.

FT has a detailed article on the race among Silicon Valley giants to sign up India.

India looks to build five rail links to Nepal. So far, so good.

India in the final stage of conversation with Dubai for storing their crude oil in India.

James Crabtree of FT and his Indian-born son Alexander Francis Viswanathan Crabtree.

Niranjan Rajadhyaksha says Indian economic policy has regained credibility and that it opens up space for interest rate cuts.

Deals last week between Rosneft and Indian state-run firms beefed up India’s share in two assets that are linked to the East Siberia-Pacific Ocean pipeline.


Isn’t it a bit late in the day to warn of excessive corporate debt in China?

In the same breath, People’s Bank of China (PBoC) allows farmer to mortgage their land as collateral for bank loans. Chris Balding wrote that it was deleveraging with Chinese characteristics!

No idea of cost of capital for Chinese companies and whether it matters at all to them. Anbang Insurance bids USD13.0bn for Starwood Hotels & Resorts just a day after it had agreed to buy Strategic Hotels and Resorts for USD6.5bn. Thankfully, Starwood Hotels agreed to a more sweetened merger with Marriott Hotels.

China Post acquires Royal Bank of Scotland’s Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) business.

The Chinese Communist Party’s richest man is the biggest owner of US movie theatres. Prof. Victor Shih adds that xi family members are likely shadow shareholders of that company.

State Grid Corporation of China says money is no constraint for overseas expansion. Don’t we know that?

However, interesting to note that this link (in Mandarin) suggests that Anbang would not have gotten approval to buy, due to capital outflow considerations.

A good Reuters story on the severe liquidity crunch for Chinese companies.

China rescues fishing vessel even as Indonesia arrests eight Chinese fishermen. The Indonesian official in charge of maritime security says that China has created a ‘new ball game’. Earlier Argentina had sunk a Chinese boat.

China detains 20 people after letter calls on Xi to resign.

FT has a more detailed story and one more story on dissent in China’s ‘Two Meetings’.

A very thoughtful blog post on the two trajectories of China from here on.

Financial Markets

Same ol’, same ol’: Analysts remained bullish right until Valeant shares crashed

Look at the right place to see the credit boom in the United States. We never learn. This is from March 14th.


On the bomb attacks and killings in Brussels Airport and Metro Station, commentaries that would rarely be seen in mainstream media that continue to deny and obfuscate. What exactly is the point in lighting up buildings with Belgian flags and praising Belgian resilience? What do they mean, exactly?

Najib, Malaysian Prime Minister, told his Party members that he does not think that he is a crook.

Malaysia closed schools for heat wave conditions as temperatures reached 39 degrees – first time this has happened.

At the heart of South Africa’s political crisis is an Indian family that relocated to the country in the Nineties.

Upside to a housing bubble in Hong Kong. It has restored the joint family system: Seventy-six per cent of Hongkongers aged 18-35 are still living with their parents

A blog post says that Japan PM’s influence across ASEAN is growing.

Der Spiegel, German magazine, withdraws its correspondent from Turkey as Turkey denies him residency permit.

27 years later, the Nobel Organisation condemns the fatwa against Salman Rushdie.

Banking and Finance

Credit Suisse posts second straight quarterly loss and says that senior leaders did not know that traders had built up risky positions.


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