Brazil police wire-tapped a conversation between the current President and the former President! Wow!

Russia’s surprise announcement on troop withdrawal from Syria.

Martin Wolf quotes a non-Congress, non-BJP MP to suggest that the BJP government is above average. True. It could be exceptionally above average if bureaucrats do not run rings around their politician-bosses. Here is an example. The Cabotage liberalisation is not all that is cracked up to be.

China’s Premier says that it is impossible that China would fail to achieve 6.5% growth this year. You too can now forecast China GDP growth.

Wall Street Journal has a good Edit on the Premier’s assertion calling it ‘whistling in the dark’. The short anecdote about Heilongjiang Province’s Governor Lu Hao’s bold assertion that proved wrong is very insightful.

South Africa raises interest rates amidst political tensions. RBSA seems like an oasis of calm, tranquility and competence. Sounds like India in troubled times.



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