Obama draws flak

An oddly self-satisfied interview given by the American President of his foreign policy has not gone  down well with critics. Edward Luce of FT has a good paragraph:

Neville Chamberlain, the proponent of Nazi appeasement, said Czechoslovakia was not worth the bones of a single British grenadier. Mr Obama believes much the same about the people of Syria. He expressed no concern about Syria’s impact on Europe. The flood of refugees is Europe’s problem. Ukraine is in Russia’s neighbourhood. The Middle East must fend for itself. Such were the valedictory thoughts of a world-weary president. They were not a million miles from Mr Trump’s. [Link]

Then, there is professor Michael Brenner at the University of Pittsburgh who calls Obama, the master of dissociation:

Obama’s overall stance is one of dissociation from his own administration and its conduct. Throughout the article, he tellingly appears to referring to himself in the third person.

This can be seen as the soon-to-be memoir writer’s attempt to cast himself as detached statesman while distancing himself from errors made.

However, this degree of dissociation by a still incumbent President is odd. It suggests that he has been playing the role of participant-observer while in the Oval Office.

There is no “Obama Doctrine.” All too often, incoherence is the hallmark of American actions, whether in the Middle East or elsewhere. The interview with Goldberg only confirms that. [Link]


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