The Iyer-Iyengar wisdom

Reproducing some insightful/thoughtful comments by Shankaar Aiyar in his columns:

It is also puzzling how and why the hidden persuaders have got Modi and his agenda engulfed in this mess. Fact is, without the brouhaha, the youth was rooting for Modi. It makes one wonder about the many conspiracy theories afloat in Lutyens’ Delhi. [Link]

While there is no dearth of conspiracy theories, mostly fertilised by hearsay, polls show public opinion continues to be invested in Modi. Indeed, to use a stock market analogy, people are long on Modi and short on Sarkar. The fact is, in 2014, the BJP polled 171.6 million votes —0ver 93 million more than its 2009 tally of 78 million. It is for the party and Parivar to recognise whether the surge in votes was for fuelling mindless din or for the idea of achche din. [Link]

I have also wondered if the polls showing (still) widespread support too is a ploy to lull him and his lieutenants into a state of complacency.


Given the status of a hero now accorded Kanhaiya Kumar, after his release on bail, one wonders if the whole event was deliberately choreographed for his ‘political coming’. If so, who among the BJP/NDA/Bureaucracy was part of it? If not, was it just the way it turned out?

See this tweet by TCA Srinivasa Raghavan:

What great political strategy! BJP has alienated big business, middle class, students, academics, dalits, OBCs, bureaucracy… Who’s left? [Link tweet posted on March 5]

and this:

The BJP is stupid because it does the right things in the wrong way. The Congress is clever because it does the wrong things the right way. [Link tweet posted on March 2]


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