Exchange with Martin Wolf

I had posted my comment on Martin Wolf’s article on how Trump would hasten the end of the Republic, online in FT. I had posted it here too. I thought that was the end of it. But, when I sent it as a Letter to FT, I got a reply from Mr. Martin Wolf. I responded. He again wrote back. I replied. Then, the conversation ended.

When I shared it with some friends, one of them wrote back raising further questions. I responded to him in detail.

Then, I saw two interesting comments on Martin Wolf’ column out of the 600+ comments.

This morning, when I woke up, I remembered that Tim Price, a UK-based fund manager had had an interesting exchange few years ago. I located it. It was in May 2012. Amazing are the ways in which the brain works. It had gone to work as I was sleeping, looking for the link to Martin Wolf in the brain’s archives. When I woke up, it had the ‘file’ ready for me. Amazing!

Since these added up to a sizeable number of pages, I have put them all in a file. It is available for download.

An evening of exchange with Martin Wolf_02032016


3 thoughts on “Exchange with Martin Wolf

  1. Excellent. I need to print and read slowly a few times. My reason to cancel my subscription to the FT seems more than justified :-). Wolf has morphed from a thoughtful and receptive commentator to N Ram type. Which is beautifully said in a different way by Noah Webster in his comment.

    There are so many factors for the rise of Trump but to me it appears that candidates far worthy don’t want to contest.


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