How Republics meet their end?

Mr. Martin Wolf has a column in FT with the above title or, more precisely, ‘Donald Trump embodies how great republics meet their end’. The column could be behind a paywall.

Here is my response to the column that I posted on the FT site:

Regardless of whether I agree with the article or not – for the most part, I don’t and I will come to that – I concede that it provokes many thoughts, as is evident from the comments below. As a commentator, Mr. Wolf is right to urge Republicans, Americans and conservatives to introspect and reflect. But, he is no ordinary journalist himself. As one of the commentators below had noted, pulling out details from Wikipedia, Mr. Wolf is part of the elite that has brought the world to its current state. He continues to bat for policies in the Western world that only exacerbate inequality, impoverishes pensioners and stoke asset bubbles, while making life difficult, if not impossible, for many emerging economies.

He is both right and wrong in citing Robert Kagan. According to Mr. Wolf, Robert Kagan is a ‘neoconservative intellectual’. So, he is an ‘insider’ urging introspection on the part of his fellow travellers.  He is doing the right thing.

As a columnist, Mr. Wolf is right to use Mr. Kagan’s arguments to buttress his case. However, as a public commentator who would, perhaps, call himself a neo-Liberal intellectual, is Mr. Wolf engaging in his own reflection and introspection?

To what extent is the stultifying political correctness of the so-called ‘mainstream media’ and intellectuals responsible for the phenomenon that scares them so much, now?

To what extent are the policies followed by the so-called Liberal leaders, their armies of supporters from the financial elite responsible for the emergence of Mr. Trump and in the emergence of conditions that make them now fear the end of the Republic?

If individually, all of us, are balanced, fair and truthful in our own judgements, there is a greater chance of the collective will being balanced, fair and truthful.

Otherwise, nature will find its own way of imposing that balance. That won’t be pleasant. In other words, Mr. Trump might be nature’s answer to the imbalance, unfairness and deceit of the political, financial and intellectual elites of which people like Wolf, Bernanke, Blair, Brown, Clinton, Draghi and Obama are some examples.

Let me not end with just these observations and criticisms like Mr. Wolf does. Let me help him to reflect. On January 15, 2014, he wrote that failing elites threatened our future. Yet, on January 22, 2014, he praised Bernanke as the model of a modern central banker, without bothering even to entertain the possibility that Bernanke’s policies were part of the failings of the elite and that, hence, he could be one of them.

I wrote a letter which this newspaper published. Mr. Wolf can see it here.

I do not know if it is too late for the likes of Mr. Wolf to reflect on their own role in the Trump phenomenon and in the end of the Republic. But, in terms of personal spiritual evolution as a human being, it is never too late to engage in introspection and reflection.


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