The Anarchy of Kritarchy – 1

You thought that Courts were established to ensure that people do not take law into their own hands. You are wrong. The Nagpur Bench of the High Court had advised the public to stop paying taxes to protest against government corruption. Right-thinking Indians must be worried.

An upright and honest vigilance commissioner S.S. Vasan in Kerala puts in his paper because a High Court judge comes down on him like a tonne of bricks for having recommended that a prima facie case existed on the charges of corruption against the Chief Minister of Kerala. Later, he was persuaded to withdraw his resignation.

The Supreme Court permitted an intervention application by the Jamaat-e-Ulema-Hind contending that Muslim personal law was protected by the right to freedom of religion guaranteed under the Constitution and there was sufficient protection for women’s rights under it.

The Supreme Court today recalled its own order directing public sector banks to provide reservation to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe candidates in officer-level promotions. The apex court delivered the verdict on review petitions filed by the Central Bank of India and other public sector banks, seeking a recall of the SC ruling on January 9, 2015. [Link]

Just a few days after ordering Arunachal Pradesh Governor J.P. Rajkhowa to respond why he recommended President’s rule in the sensitive border State, the Supreme Court recalled the order on Monday, saying it made a “mistake” by not realising that Governors have “complete immunity” and are not answerable to courts for acts done in their official capacity. [Link]





4 thoughts on “The Anarchy of Kritarchy – 1

  1. Dear Ananth,

    When the UPA was in power, with its monumental levels of corruption, people saw some hope in the judiciary, because it seemed to be less corrupt than the government. After the election, the tables have turned. Whatever one may think of the NDA government (and both of us have a lot of well-founded reservations), one thing of which it cannot be accused is being corrupt. In contract, episodes such as the telephone bail to Teesta, indefinite bail to Tarun Tejpal (his mother has already been reborn by now), and most flagrantly, the judges striking down the NJAC thus arrogating to themselves the right to self-perpetuation, all show the extent of the rot within the judiciary.

    As someone pointed out, the ranking of corruption can be stated as follows:
    a. Politicians.
    b. Bureaucrats
    c. Judiciary

    We can throw out A; we cannot throw out B but we can criticize them. But with C we can neither throw them out nor criticize them!


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